This Guys No Angel & Ceri Ward win the 2022 Patriot!

After 1,500+ runs in the qualifying rounds and nearly 200 in the finals, THIS GUYS NO ANGEL and Ceri Ward came out on top as the 2022 Patriot Open 1D Champions adding another $15k+ to their LTE!
This Guys No Angel and Ceri Ward
When asked about her win with "Takota", Ceri said, "I’m blessed to ride for owners like John and Becky. They believe in my program and trust me with what I think is best for Takota. Takota is an incredible horse. It took some time to figure out what we needed to win against the best horses out there, but he’s shown now that he can. He’s won against the best over and over, and those horses are very rare! Our 2022 Patriot win showed how special he really is. There was so many great horses that ran over that entire week. I had 5 of 6 horses make the finals and for Takota to give me the win was more then I could ask for!"
And Knight Vision couldn't be more blessed to have Ceri as Takota's trainer and jockey. We look forward to the rest of 2022 and what's to come for this team. Check out the results and their winning run below!


You can see all of their winning runs on our Youtube channel and can stay up to date with this team by following Knight Vision on Instagram or Facebook!

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